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VAAS – Week 2

Week number 2 of the VAAS was fun. As you probably heard at the beginning of episode 106, we decided that this wasn’t going to be a game development/treatment. We received positive feedback on the first week and wound up taking this a completely different

Brainstorm – Vote – Collaborate

Week 1 is over for this new experiment on the VA Podcast. It went.. nothing like I had originally planned. I have to admit that now because I feel that it went a little off the rails when we followed the rules I had set

Destiny 2: My Thoughts

Destiny 2: My Thoughts By: Joe   When Destiny dropped way back in September of 2014, I had already spent a large amount of time playing the betas, designing my character over and over again, (Exo Titan FTW!), and reading up on any little clue

Episode 13: PG-13 BABY! It was Destiny!

This week Sean, Joe, and Mike talk about COD WW2 beta, Destiny 2, TV shows, and games they have played. We also have a quick “Story Time” with Sean, and have a winner for the VAP review contest! Make sure you get ahold of one

Episode 12: Clipping Tangent Batman!

This week Joe and Mike talk emulators. Sean joins in on COD WW2 talk, Mass effect, and other things. Also the first official episode of Joe’s BDSM where he tries out some snack from balls…..dragon ballz that is. As well as Edge Magazine’s HORRIBLE top

Episode 11: Say you, Say me.

This week Sean, Joe, and Mike discuss Playstation’s big reveal, Gamescom, The XBox OneX. The first installment of “Basement Dwellers Snack Time”, Mike and Sean talk a stroll down memory lane with EQOA.

Episode 10: You’re My…. Brown Eyed Hole

This week, the guys get craaaaazy talking about animal penises! Also, there was some game talk and a footless demolition derby driver! Exciting! Plus, we are having a very special Episode 10 $20 XBL, PSN or Steam giveaway! Details to follow!

Episode 9: The End of Vacation

This week Sean, Mike, and Joe talked about games they played. And the ego stroking accomplishment of finally getting through level 50 on horde mode. This month’s free games on Xbox and Playstation, then they top it off with a friendly PSA! With a special

Episode 8: Nitrous Oxide

This week Sean, Joe, and Mike talk Destiny 2 Beta, and Comic Con. We played some games, watched some trailers, and went on a tangent that went completely off the rails.