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Where Horse Come

We are all still here. So at least we’ve got that going for us. We even have a guest! Seeing as it has been so long between releases we now know what the PS5 looks like, and how much of a popped fratboy it looks like.

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Rona and Riots

And we’re back! Kinda. Sort of. In a manner of speaking. Which we do rather poorly and from large distances apart. We gather our thoughts long enough to discuss what PS5 options might look like as well as Xbox and how silly improving “quality” may

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Rainbow Connection

In life, you sometimes need to try things more than once to be able to get the outcome you had hoped for. In recording, sometimes it goes better when settings are double checked before thinking you can start talking.

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Strip That Down For Me

Do you want to know what a cookie with everything tastes like? How about pondering the viability of verification of removal of something odorous? Maybe you just want to hear a few tales from the land of slippery poles? In any case, we’ve got it covered.

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Souls On Fire

What new mayhem will follow the Adventures on their path to glory? Only the omnipotent knows. Why did the soul Rooster cross into the afterlife? To render anothers soul unclean.

Trial By Combat

How should we deal with public servants who choose to abuse their power? What does a major retailer of games think the future might hold for it? Professional Hot Potato, and a show-stopping finish that might end with one person being left on the side of the road.

A Tale of Two Ponys

What happens when everything you knew, isn’t the way it actually happened? Or even the way it happened the second time? Or third, or three hundredth. Maybe you would try things differently the next time around.

Regularly Scheduled Nonsense

VAP is back baby! Or at least we will be making some fairly regular attempts at being back, from time to time. Getting back to the roots of the show, we make sure to throw everything at you again full frontal.