Brainstorm – Vote – Collaborate

Week 1 is over for this new experiment on the VA Podcast. It went.. nothing like I had originally planned. I have to admit that now because I feel that it went a little off the rails when we followed the rules I had set forth without ever considering how allowing others to submit characters could mess up the exercise. Fear not though, we will straighten this out on week 2. For now, allow me to sum up the “story” so far:

Characters we know of:

Doran Bana (NPC)

Race: Human

Looks: Gray hair, blue/gray eyes, tall, stout, with pale skin and a deep voice. Doran also has a massive scar down the left side of his body.

Age: 57

Backstory: Doran is a former military commander who deserted his army when his king asked him to commit dishonorable killings of his enemies. Many of his men followed him in his new exile, acting as mercenaries for a short time before becoming “adventurers” seeking out riches and fame. Doran has been in many battles and can hold his own in a fight.

Doran’s last true adventure took him to a great southern kingdom (we need a name listeners!) that was under siege by a demon army. Doran and his men entered the city, hoping to rescue it and earn a great payday from the ruling family. However when they finally made their way in no one was left alive, save one little girl who called herself Alana. Doran adopted her and brought her north with him, eventually settling down and opening the Chillwind Tavern. The tavern is also used as a secret base where he and his best friend Bo Asher run their adventuring guild.

Alana Rayne (was an NPC, now is a playable character)

Race: Human

Age: between 18 and 20

Looks: Brunette hair, Light purple eyes, athletic and beautiful

Backstory: Alana was a little girl when Doran rescued her from the fall of her homeland to a great demon army. Doran took her and raised her as his own daughter. Not fully remembering her family, she asked Doran to tell her stories of where he found her in the city, and has vowed to return to her home to discover her true heritage some day. She took the last name Rayne after hearing those stories from Doran (more on that later, promise). Alana is every bit as tough as Doran and twice as cocky with a quick temper to boot. She uses her wit and charm to both cause and end fights, much to the dismay of her adoptive father.

Early on Doran taught her how to fight in battle and how to handle daggers and bows. During her training it was discovered Alana possessed some skills in the art of magic. She uses her magic to enhance her stealth abilities and move silently in battles.

Bo Asher

Race: Elven (druid)

Looks: Brown eyes with hints of purple mixed in, tall and fit, a massive scar down the left side of his body.

Backstory: (Bo is a combination of a character made by me and is using a very brief description from Ben) Doran’s best friend and partner at the Chillwind Tavern. After settling down and starting a family with the woman he loves Bo decided to leave his adventuring behind. He has a new baby and is trying to do right by his family. His stats are off the charts though!

Cuddles NPC (potential playable character): appears to be traveling salesman and entertainer

Age: unknown

Race: Human

Abilities: shapeshifter, good with knives

Backstory: Cuddles is a short tempered jester who just wants to tell jokes and make people laugh, with a mean streak. After a run in with a demon, one that he narrowly escaped with his life, he trained excessively to get even. All he did was train. If someone said he needed to take a break and just be happy he murdered them on the spot. A sorcerer was once sent to make him happy. Cuddles was greatly offended that anyone would think they could console him. You can guess what he did to his newly appointed counselor .

After killing him he laughed and decided to eat the poor soul’s dead carcass. Upon finishing his meal he experienced massive pains, which drove him completely insane. Yet this suffering had its benefits. He had gained powers from the flesh of the sorcerer. These powers could warp to his insanity. Now able to manipulate people with his words and destroy their psyche with his mind, he knew he was ready for the demon. Cuddles now wanders looking for a chance to get even… and murders anyone who tells him to say a joke.

Cherry The Scarecrow

Race: formerly human

Age: 125 (18 when she died)

Backstory: Cherry is a former “Lady of the Evening” stuffed into a Scarecrow by her last client. She was murdered by that john after she stole from him. Cherry didn’t realize her client was actually a Duke from a large province. She had stolen before but never ran into any issues. She had lived her life on a constant adventure.

Our last character was truly a joy to work with. He completely derailed everything I had planned! I have included the bio as I received it.

Name: Yodi

Age: 350

Playable: Yes/PC

Race: Halfling

Abilities: Uses the forks. Literally forks as weapons for stabby stab. Jumping on people like a spider monkey. Can read minds.

Backstory: Was born in the swamps of Dagonah. Defended his swamp for centuries by playing “All Star” by Smash Mouth on repeat. Was found and adopted by an Orc named Arisbath. Became its bitch.

Due to some of Yodi’s penchant for stealing and or basing his story loosely off of copyrighted materials we will have to change some of his background to fit properly in the story. Either way this one really had us struggling to focus.

We decided that Yodi would start out as our main character (that may change but is largely up to the voters). He is trying to find his umm… adoptive mother? Yodi is old enough to have heard of Doran and the adventurers guild so he has left the swamps of Dagonah and headed north to the village of (unnamed) to seek out Doran at the Chillwind Tavern.

I have a basic scripted out version of the opening sequence that leads to the main quest. Please forgive the formatting, most of this was done on a cell phone.

Setting: Interior of the Chillwind Tavern

The tavern is very rustic and lit by candles. It is filled with patrons and the sound of idle chatter and laughter can be heard. Doran is behind the bar and Bo can be seen cooking food in the kitchen. Alana is serving tables and having a good time with the patrons. The main doors creak and a cold wind blows in as a small halfling walks into the bar. The ambiance is silenced only for a moment as everyone turns to look at the new guest. Wind is heard and cuts off as the door shuts.

*Yodi removes his hood and reveals his face, his cheeks are red and wrinkled.

Upon seeing how old Yodi looks Alana snickers*

Alana: “You’re bundled up now.. wait till you get older”

*the patrons of the bar all laugh in unison, partially because of the joke was funny, but mostly because they are enthralled by Alana*

Clearly irritated with the cold north and a mouthy Alana, Yodi grunts disapprovingly and begins discussing his situation with Doran. He tells of his travels and laments about wanting to find Arisbath but having no clue where to start.(no dialogue set yet) As Doran finishes giving Yodi leads on where to begin searching we see a glimmer of hope in Yodi’s eyes

Doran: “Many say to avoid the back streets, my squat little friend, but I know it can be hard. There’s so much to do, so much to see”

Yodi: “so what’s wrong with taking the backstreets?”

*Doran pauses to think*

Doran: “you’ll never know if you don’t go.”

*A strange shadowy figure laughs from a dark corner of the bar*

Stranger (cuddles): “you’ll never shine if you don’t glow… hahaha”

*Yodi grunts once again annoyed that someone made a joke, likely at his expense. He glares at the stranger a moment and turns back to Doran, who is now joined by Alana.*

Yodi:”Who is the jokester? He seems a little off.”

Doran:” He arrived a few days ago. Odd fellow, he just sits there and watches. He says he is expecting someone. The damned fool only orders milk and water. He never drinks the milk either.. he also laughs to himself a lot. But he hasn’t harmed anyone yet and we see all types here… so he can stay.”

Yodi:”The roads here were filled with wild feral animals. Should I expect the same on the way to this duke’s castle?”

Doran: “Yes, things have been a little crazy lately. Rumors of beings with unusual powers and weapons with strange mechanics have came pouring in. Then there’s the continued news of demons and souls from another time lost in ours… my friend I am afraid you are right to ask these questions. Would you like my daughter to work as a guide for you? She knows the ways well and is handy in a fight, and besides that she owes you after her little quip about your age.”

*Alana lets out an exasperated sigh and throws a dirty rag at Doran causing him to laugh*

Yodi:”I would welcome the companionship on the journey. How long would she be accompanying me and umm how much will I owe you?”

*Doran lets out a another hearty laugh*

Doran: “She will stay until you learn of Arisbath’s fate. Longer if needed, as I said, she owes you. She will help you for free.”

*After some more plans were discussed and supplies gathered Yodi and Alana headed out the side door of the tavern and began their journey to the dukes castle. Alana noticed that the stranger from the corner followed them out and has been tracking him as they journey down the road. Eventually they arrive at the castle walls (after some random encounters where the player will learn how to use his abilities). A scarecrow is seen in an empty and dead field. The group encounters a fight with some lesser demons. They are clearly out matched. Cuddles appears and uses his sorcery to kill the demons almost instantly. The death of the demons combined with his magic brings the scarecrow to life…*

Now that you are all caught up, there are a few things that require some input from the listeners. Please vote on the following forms so that we may continue the story and continue the chaos.