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096 VAP: I’m Gonna Watch the World Burn

It’s a party! We not only have the 4th Chair, but we have a 5th Wheel! We discuss the news of the times, get derailed about 30 times, and finally get around to thinking hazy thoughts and bringing the Final Four down to the last 2 in the Battle Bracket: Heroes vs Villains edition.

096 VAP: It’s Cience!

Everything goes to the wayside as the editor goes MIA, we talk about updates to Fallout 76, and is it cooler to have money or powers. Things take a dark turn in the North, and the Elite 8 results cause some self-reflection.

095 VAP: Juicing The Coconuts

We actually make an episode! Also since there was such a long gap between episodes there is a fair bit of news including how sometimes internet rage actually accomplishes something. We also ponder local civil wars, blending fruits with liquids, and the results of the Sweet 16 are announced.

091 VAP: Doin the Math

This week: Apple thinks arcades are the future, and we want to know what your favorite sound is. A slow burn begins as we begin to pick a new batch for the Battle Bracket. Short + Sweet = VAP

090 VAP: Heroes vs Villains

What does it take to start a cloud gaming service? How free is free, and how safe is safe? And what are some of the most iconic heroes and villains from video games?

089 VAP: 360 No Scope

This week: Diskless Xbox’s, VR LABO, Steam’s in hot water, and we discuss how our gaming preferences have changed as we get older.

087 VAP: Tempers Tempered

This week: A budding romance, Fallout 76 might make it, Anthem is here, and how often would you like to poo? Get in on the conversation by joining our Discord server Find us at VersatileAnomaly.com Follow us on Facebook at facebook.com/versatileanomaly Follow the show on

085 VAP: Life’s Micro-Transactions

This week: Just when you thought you had everything figured out, we toss in a new 4th Chair! In what may just be our longest episode, learn about our guest, take some listener questions, ponder what benefits everyday beverages might give us, and ask a cover fee for the honor of being charged micro-transactions.