093 VAP: Mario’s Intervention

Disney streams and get ready for a Battle. Certain things should never be done while wearing latex gloves, and its time to knock out some of the good guys.

092 VAP: Damn Straight You Did

This week: Anthem’s parents have been reported to child services, a quick talk about Division 2, Blunt Thoughts, and the Play-Ins for the Battle Bracket: Heroes vs Villains are revealed.

091 VAP: Doin the Math

This week: Apple thinks arcades are the future, and we want to know what your favorite sound is. A slow burn begins as we begin to pick a new batch for the Battle Bracket. Short + Sweet = VAP

090 VAP: Heroes vs Villains

What does it take to start a cloud gaming service? How free is free, and how safe is safe? And what are some of the most iconic heroes and villains from video games?

089 VAP: 360 No Scope

This week: Diskless Xbox’s, VR LABO, Steam’s in hot water, and we discuss how our gaming preferences have changed as we get older.

088 VAP: Critically Implied

This week: PlayStation Vita, sportsball talk, hate a game too bad, and Anthem talk. Get in on the conversation by joining our Discord server Find us at Follow us on Facebook at Follow the show on twitter @VersAnom

084 VAP: Remember Back When

What is your favorite gaming memory? We discuss whether Fallout 76 is on life support, ponder our digital consciousness, and talk about some of our favorite gaming memories and how we feel about them.

082 VAP: The Worst Kind of Wizard

This week: Ben’s back! We touch on some news, we think on some thoughts, and then we try to get focused. Focusing is very important when you are attempting to conjure up spells and thinking about summoning together a whole new MMORPG from the world of a famous wizard with a scar on his head.