072 VAP: Ben Lost His Voice

This week: Ben sounds like an ogre, we discuss the overall feel after having played through the Fallout 76 B.E.T.A., we have some news, and we take some time to properly go through some blunt thoughts.

071 VAP: The Return of the B.E.T.A.

This week: Remember how when a new large video game title releases and certain websites see a drop in traffic? Well in the weeks after that same event there is a similar phenomenon where searches on those same sites have a spike in queries related to the game characters. Coincidence? We think not.

We also take some time to ponder the intricate nature of how we see and choose our breadstuffs.

The episode ends with (and honestly has throughout) more talk about the Fallout 76 B.E.T.A.

069 VAP: All About The Numbers

This week: News about Sony (again!), Mario Odyssey, Spiderman, and Taco Bell, with some updates on Fallout 76. We also discuss what changes we would make if we were able to be a game developer for a day.

068 VAP: We Need The Cogster

This week: News about Sony, Obsidian (Maybe), Stardew Valley, and xCloud. We also reflect on the video game music bracket and delve into some what-ifs and other scenarios. Another recurring topic rounds out the episode as we ponder the Turducken.

067 VAP: Hotdog Sandwiches

This week: The end is upon us! For the Video Game Music Bracket that is. We also cover news, some disturbingly deep conversation about the importance of bread vs bun, and even a little news from the land of video games. At least there is one thing we can all agree on. Listen to find out what that is.

066 VAP: Not My Puppy

This week: News from Sony, news from the world of eSports, and gloomy news about Telltale Games. We also get ourselves into a smelly situation with an installment of BDSM. This episode also reveals the final remaining contenders that could possibly be the best video game soundtrack! And a new segment is introduced, of which you will have to listen to find out what it might be, and whether or not you would make the same choices as us.

065 VAP: Nein, Nine?

This week the gang goes over some news from Sony, China, and Telltale Games. This week brings the results of the Elite Eight, and we preview the contenders for the Final Four. We also discuss No Man’s Sky at length, and enjoy some BDSM for your listening pleasure.

064 VAP: Did You Hear About the Duck?

As we continue to bring in more and more people we have decided to give that thing a name. Henceforth, this person shall be known as the Fourth Chair! We also have news about the upcoming release of Nintendo Online. We also have the results for the third round of the Video Game Soundtrack Bracket.

063 VAP: Next Level Coconuts

This week continues the occupation by our guest. We also have some real news from Sony about how they are what you need. We also have the results for the second round of the Video Game Soundtrack Bracket.