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Coming in Swinging!

Careening to your ear drums, we have the contenders for region 4. This round features the best audio quality and complexity. What are our thoughts you ask? Read on and find out! Sean’s Picks 1 – Cuphead – If you haven’t listened to this before

And in this Corner…

Hailing from the land of much improved sound, but also a vast difference in style, we have the contenders for region 3. Let’s take a look at some of our thoughts on the hopefuls. Sean’s Picks 1 – Crisis Core – One of the best

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Region 2 Round 1, FIGHT!

Thus begins the first round of region 1 for the Video Game Music bracket. Below are our internal rankings for the seeding for this thing, and the following is our personal feelings and reasons that possibly influenced our choices. Sean’s Picks 1 – Duck Tales

Play-In Pandemonium

It has been a long time coming, but it is finally here. The first round of region 1 for the Video Game Music bracket. At the bottom of this post is the open voting area for this region. Those of us on the podcast had

Episode 20: Bigger Longer Later

This week Sean, Mike, and Joe talk about Mike’s fractured but whole. Games with gold this month, OG Xbox games. Comparing the X and the Pro. May Sean actually SWITCH to the dark side?

Episode 18: Still Can’t Drink

We are finally 18! This week Sean, Mike, and Joe talk about Star Wars Battlefront 2. The Last Jedi trailer. The obsession with Szechuan sauce. and the weekly Mass Effect Andromeda price check.

Episode 16: Joe’s First Date

This week Sean, Mike and Joe walk Fortnite! As well as Halo coming to back compat, upcoming Xbox features. Games with Gold and another spectacular episode of Joe’s BDSM.

Episode 15: Be Our Guest!

This week we have our first guest, Tyler Literski to talk a little cosplay, Fortnite crossplay and of course, furrys! Come check it out! Be sure to Check out Tyler on FB, Fiverr, Youtube and Twitter @ALL4ONEMMI