And in this Corner…

Hailing from the land of much improved sound, but also a vast difference in style, we have the contenders for region 3. Let’s take a look at some of our thoughts on the hopefuls.

Sean’s Picks

1 – Crisis Core – One of the best game soundtracks of all time.

2 – Metal Gear Solid 3 – Puts you on the edge of your seat the entire game.

3 – Halo CE – ahhhhaaahahahhhhhh aaaaaaaaahhhhhh oooooooooohhhoooooo

4 – Metroid Prime – Another OST that gives you that lonely but epic feel

5 – Bully – First time playing this game I was surprised at how great the music was.

6 – Phantasy Star Online – Has the sci-fi feel that matches perfectly with the game.

7 – Kingdom Hearts 2 – Music is just like the game. Disney meets Final Fantasy.

8 – Shadow of the Colossus – Throws your intensity to 11 during battles.

9 – Wipeout Fusion – Give me them glow sticks!

10 – Sonic Adventure – Kick out the jams!

11 – The Legend of Zelda: The Windwaker – I mean it is the most original of the Zelda games.

12 – Super Mario Sunshine – It’s definitely out there as a Mario soundtrack

13 – Final Fantasy X – A great soundtrack but stiff competition.

14 – God of War – See number 13

15 – Luigi’s Mansion – Spoooooookigi

16 – Morrowind – I just couldn’t ever get into the music in Elder Scrolls games.


Time splitters – great tunes to jam to while running around as a chimp with Tommy guns

Panzer Dragoon – Meh

Mike’s Picks

1 – Halo CE – Martin O’Donnell became a legend after composing this soundtrack. This soundtrack helped set the tone for the original series and gave the game not just an iconic hero, but an iconic sound to go with it.

2 – Crisis Core – A Final Fantasy game not composed by Uematsu, this game still delivers the quality you expect from the series. Ishimoto composed a real winner when making this soundtrack.

3 – The Legend of Zelda: The Windwaker – This still has that quality (and very familiar) Zelda feel but in my opinion it truly sounds better than all of the others before it.

4 – Final Fantasy X – The first PS2 era FF game not only killed it with story and graphics, but the music was incredible. I bet you will never guess who composed and produced the soundtrack 😜

5 – God of War – I placed this so high because of my memories playing the game. That doesn’t make the music any less epic… just saying.

6 – Bully – I never played much of this game, I don’t know much about the composer and the like. I will say the soundtrack is great.

7 – Shadow of the Colossus – This soundtrack matches the beauty and epic feel of the world in which it accompanies.

8 – Kingdoms Hearts 2 – Disney. Square. The combination is as wondrous in gameplay as it is with this soundtrack. You will be humming some of the tunes after you are done playing it.

9 – Morrowind – Le sigh. I have to accept that this soundtrack is arguably better than Skyrim. I also have to pray it makes it far in the voting… muh Skyrim isn’t on the list.

10 – Metal Gear Solid 3 – This is exactly what you would expect from a Metal Gear soundtrack.

11 – Phantasy Star Online – The memories I have of this game are cherished. The music was great while I played and is still objectively very good, but I ranked it lower because after having it stuck in my head for so many years I am trying to avoid that again.

12 – Super Mario Sunshine – I love this soundtrack. It is certainly the strangest one for a Mario game.

13 – Luigi’s Mansion – This game had two composers, Shinobu Tanaka and Kazumi Totaka. I personally think the soundtrack fits the game.

14 – Metroid Prime – Metroid Prime has a very well put together soundtrack, but it isn’t as good as Super Metroid’s in my opinion and… well yeah.

15 – Wipeout Fusion – This music really puts you in the groove for the game. It is fast paced and fun, much like the races. But after a little research, I realize it really shouldn’t be on the list. Real electronic music groups singles were used for it. Who the hell let this one slide in? (I will give you a hint… me)

16 – Sonic Adventure – Well given my folly with Wipeout Fusion I should have rated this one at 15. I personally feel this is the best soundtrack for any Sonic game.

Time Splitters 2 – I love how this soundtrack perfectly matches the maps each track was made for.

Panzer Dragoon – Should have been on the list anyway!

Ben’s Picks

01 – Zelda Windwaker – Before you say it, yes I know its Zelda, no I am not only picking it because of that. I actually like the melody and style. If I were stranded on an island, this would be my favorite song. Or at least until I realized I was actually stuck on the island, haha

02 – Metal Gear Solid 3 – Partway through the 2nd listening I realized why I like this song so much. It reminds of the intro for the show True Blood, which I also greatly enjoyed

03 – Crisis Core – I had no idea that I would dig the music from the FF series as much as I do. Load up the playlist and the sixpack

04 – Bully – A nice funky little ditty to jam to as you walk around your middle/high school campus. On the way to cause problems and destruction of property of course

05 – Final Fantasy X – Never played this, barely even seen it played. But I can picture myself listening to this chill little number while enjoying the outdoors and a campfire. Pass the gra……… graham crackers

06 – Shadow of the Colossus – Honestly, if I could hear that performed live by a full orchestra….. imagine the soul chills you’d get during that. This actually jumped from 9th while relistening and writing this blurb

07 – Morrowwind – If it looks like Middle Earth, it should sound like Middle Earth. It does

08 – Halo: Combat Evolved – I was told this was music that played while driving a Warthog. I support any music that is played while driving a large mechanical vehicle

09 – God of War – A little chant-y but overall I’ll take this over chiptunes any day of the week

10 – Sonic Adventure – Generic Rock! Generic Rock! Get yer dollar store generic rock right here!

11 – Luigi’s Mansion – This was my pick, but even though I love its quirkiness, it had to end up low because I liked others more

12 – Wipeout Fusion – Holy hell. I was almost torn on this one, as its honestly close to some of what I listen to on Spotify now. The thing that kept it down though, was the nonstop “pushing” feeling

13 – Phantasy Star Online – Help! Help! I just took 8 tabs of E and I can’t tell whats real anymore!

14 – Kingdom Hearts 2 – It’s not terrible, but its also obviously chiptunes 2.0 it sounds better and is more complex, but still feels wrong

15 – Super Mario Sunshine – Fine the first time I heard it, but I can only imagine having to hear it again and again, again and again… again and again….. and again…. Hard pass

16 – Metroid Prime – Imagine a swarm of mechanical bugs crawling from every orifice you have. Got that mental picture? Great, now listen to this track