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065 VAP: Nein, Nine?

This week the gang goes over some news from Sony, China, and Telltale Games. This week brings the results of the Elite Eight, and we preview the contenders for the Final Four. We also discuss No Man’s Sky at length, and enjoy some BDSM for your listening pleasure.

064 VAP: Did You Hear About the Duck?

As we continue to bring in more and more people we have decided to give that thing a name. Henceforth, this person shall be known as the Fourth Chair! We also have news about the upcoming release of Nintendo Online. We also have the results for the third round of the Video Game Soundtrack Bracket.

062 VAP: You Put the Lime in the Coconut

This week some real news happened. The highlights included eSports and the lowlights included eSports. There is also the matter of Nintendo using the ban-hammer of life on some very interesting projects. Much No Man’s Sky is discussed, and we welcome a guest to the podcast.

061 VAP: No Man’s Sports


Xbox news, lot’s of No Man’s Sky talk, Region 4 winners, Round 2 matchups, more No Man’s Sky talk, there was some sports talk in there too.

060 VAP: Pardon Our Lateness

The cat is out of the bag. Or rather, the men are in the sky….? Yes. This week we discuss our recent adventure into playing No Man’s Sky(spoiler, it’s great) go over a wee bit of the news of the week, and try to make up for being late by providing you with a new installment of the VA-BDSM! If you’re lucky enough to be on our discord, the video of that will likely show up during the next week.

059 VAP: No Man’s (Sky) Left Behind

Have you heard the one about the 3 guy who all go out and buy the same game within days of one another and then talk about it obsessively? Me either, but after listening to this episode you will! In the news we discuss a fancy PS4, being overly attached to a game as it comes to a close, and some new swanky PC cases heading to the market. We also go over the winners for Region 2 of the Video Game Music bracket and review the contenders for Region 3.