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As Season 2 comes to a close, our adventurers come full circle, and full scissor, back to their humble beginnings. How will things turn out for them? Only the listener will know, and only the listener who votes will chart their path.

VAP: Twenty a Plenty

With help from a silent individual, the group comes ever closer to finding that which they desire. Many rolls were had, many a roll surprised and delighted.

VAP: Twenty Twenty

What happens when a group of people loses its way and ends up in a place they would rather not be? Should they rely on the words of someone who has opposed them in the past? Will that person lead them astray and into more danger for the future? Are we talking about fiction or is this reality?

VAP: Hi, I’m Bo.

Sometimes the group forgets their way, other times the person making alterations to the recording of events loses track of time, and yet other times the methods for recording the events of history are broken. Very seldom do those things align with the cosmos and occur at the same time, but in the case of this episode, the veil was lifted and things went a bit askew.

VAP: We Did It Again!

Who’s going dimension-hopping?! We’re going dimension-hopping! I wonder what unexpected people, places, and things we will encounter while we are away…

VAP: Not My Special Boy!

With everyone back together and ready for a fight, ahh heck let’s just give em one! Old meets new and new meats for you! Sometimes it’s the little things, sometimes it’s the big ones.

VAP: Chaos Chicken

As our band of adventurers gets on with the quests, they get a bit sidetracked and worked up while in the end being able to come together and enjoy some quiet time in actual beds! Their time of rest may be short-lived though . .

VAP: DoubleSpeak

As the party chugs along on the Vote for Bo campaign train, they continue to have the most random collection of nonsense thrown their way as they attempt to find their missing companions. Hold on to your satchels, this one is long.

VAP: Bobblehead Bomobile

The party is afoot again as they begin the next chapter of the adventure. Who knows what Season 2 will bring? Will it be random hawk-owl screeches? Will it be magic err… bum beans? Only the listener will find out.