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049 VAP: You Win Some You Dream Some

This week closes our silly little bracket where we make up reasons why random games are better than others, and we pick a winner. We also spend a good deal of time discussing our hopeful E3 predictions. Will any of them actually happen, or are they simply the inebriated desires of those unwilling to come to terms with the sad reality that our voice is unheard? Check out our hopes and dreams, and see if you agree or disagree with what we hope is coming from the companies who bring joy into our lives.

048 VAP: Best Video Game of All Time – Bracket Rounds 2 and 3

This week brings rounds 2 and 3 of our Best Video Game of All Time bracket. Will Mike have to be taken to the hospital for heart palpitations? Will we crush your favorite game? Listen and find out how and why we decide to give some games the chance to move into the final four, and why others deserve to be forever stuck as almosts.

047 VAP: Best Video Game of All Time – Bracket Round 1

This week brings news about Battlefield, Call of Duty, and Xbox being a bro to those who deserve it. Then we start breaking down the Best Video Game of All Time bracket. We begin the process of putting various games head to head in order to suss out a winner. Things get wild when we have the ability to veto another game and ensure that the video game of our choice makes it to round 2.

045 VAP: Best Video Game of All Time – RPG’s and Action/Adventure

This week we go over the little bit of news that we have, and start a new series of a few episodes focused on trying to figure out what we consider to be the best video game of all time. All things are possible when we ignore date of release, method of play, and other things as we begin to make our choices for a final showdown on our 50th episode.