055 VAP: There Can Only Be One

Versatile Anomaly Podcast
Versatile Anomaly Podcast
055 VAP: There Can Only Be One

Another week that didn’t have much news so we keep plugging along with our Music Soundtrack Bracket. There is an airing of grievances and Mike comes to terms with not being able to love his game and hear it too. As we finish up this region, a long lost contender steps out from the shadows.

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Here is the current list of games in the music bracket:

Region 4

Listen to find out!

Region 3

Crisis Core
Halo CE
Zelda Windwaker
Metal Gear Solid 3
Shadow of the Colossus
Final Fantasy X
Metroid Prime
God of War
Kingdom Hearts 2
Phantasy Star Online
Wipeout Fusion
Sonic Adventure
Super Mario Sunshine
Luigi’s Mansion

Region 2

Duck Tales
Sonic the Hedgehog
Zelda links awakening
Punch Out
Mario 3
Maniac Mansion
Castle of Illusion
Super C
Little Nemo
Festers Quest
Trip World
Blaster Master
Mach Rider

Region 1

Final Fantasy 7
Metal Gear Solid
Zelda OOT
Final Fantasy 6
Mega Man X
Donkey Kong Country
Symphony of the Night
Super Metroid
Banjo Kazooie
Diddy Kong Racing
Ogre Battle 64
Resident Evil 2

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