058 VAP: That Newness

This week has some talk about bringing eSports into the collegiate level, some talk of the upcoming WoW patch, and we also introduce an updated theme song. Let us know what you think! The meat of this episode focuses on revealing the winners of Region 1 Round 1 and setting up Region 2. Voting is open, so make your voice heard.

057 VAP: Hello Mr. Hawking

Here we go! The bracket has now officially begun! This week gets rolling with some news about Disney, Nintendo, and a tentacle. We release the official play-in winners and set up the first region for voting.

056 VAP: The Return of the Didgeridoo

This week the crew brings the bracket listings to an end by naming the play-in matches. But before that is some news for a change! No Man’s Sky, Baseballers, and proper keyboard hand position are covered. It starts out good and only gets better the longer you listen.

055 VAP: There Can Only Be One

Another week that didn’t have much news so we keep plugging along with our Music Soundtrack Bracket. There is an airing of grievances and Mike comes to terms with not being able to love his game and hear it too. As we finish up this region, a long lost contender steps out from the shadows.

054 VAP: That Didgeridoo Has Girth

This week is a little bit straight and to the point. Not much news to speak of and getting on with our song listings for the Music Soundtrack Bracket. Someone gets ganged up on, and tries to dig himself out of a hole.

053 VAP: Game Music Round Two

This week starts out with some news about a new Overwatch character then we reveal the results of the seeding for region 1 and break down the competitors for region 2. Mike finally slips up and has a button named in his honor.

052 VAP: Game Music

This week the crew starts down a slippery slope of video game music that leads to another bracket in which many will enter but only one shall leave to its very own theme song. Go ahead and give each a listen. There will be a poll at a later date to gather the listener votes and they will be factored into the bracket as we go along.

051 VAP: E3 Prediction Round-Up

This week we go back through our E3 predictions to see how offbase we really are when it comes to what we think companies will do for their customers. Then E3 itself and what actually happened during the event get some love as we do a brief recap. We also very quickly discuss a little more about an upcoming bracket in which we will be comparing and contrasting the soundtracks of video games. If you have any suggestions please send them in via any of the methods available to you.

050 VAP: E3 Rumors and Let’s Talk Gaming Music

This week we are missing our audio tech as Ben is out of the state. We talk some E3 rumors that popped up and we begin to start talking about fantastic music in gaming. Discussions about creating a bracket for that also happen. Do you have any music that you think should be part of the lineup? Was something discussed that you feel is a slap in the face? Let us know using any of our many online handles.

049 VAP: You Win Some You Dream Some

This week closes our silly little bracket where we make up reasons why random games are better than others, and we pick a winner. We also spend a good deal of time discussing our hopeful E3 predictions. Will any of them actually happen, or are they simply the inebriated desires of those unwilling to come to terms with the sad reality that our voice is unheard? Check out our hopes and dreams, and see if you agree or disagree with what we hope is coming from the companies who bring joy into our lives.