About Us

Mike Gifford

Father, Husband, Gamer, Nerd, NCAA Football Fanatic, horrible at Fantasy Football

Well… where to begin?

I am first and foremost a father and husband.  Family and friends are everything.  Gaming has always been a great way for me to bond with my kids, my friends, and even helped me and my wife come together.  Fair enough to say gaming and all around nerding are a large part of me.

For my background:

I have a bachelors of Computer Science with a focus on game design and programming.

I am a partner in a multimedia company where I typically focus on videography (a major passion of mine).


Versatile Anomaly comes as a culmination of my love of games, minimal webdesign experience, and videography background.  Sean, Joe, and I have discussed doing something with our nerdiness for years.  Now that we have started this venture, it seems that we are nonstop busy with something VA related… and I love it!  We hope to continue this for quite a long time and eventually make this our full time job.  Wish us luck!

Other tidbits of info:

I love NCAA Football.  I am a true blue Wolverine fan and have been since I was a wee boy.

D&D has inspired me to write/create a few game concepts and stories, I hope to one day produce a game based off them in the future.


I used to do all of the audio (poorly), work on tech needs, and assist my videographer partner with making videos for this site…

I find myself playing more games than I ever did before for this site.  I am not complaining at all, let us hope my wife continues to support this.

favorite games:

Final Fantasy 6
Chrono Trigger
Halo (Series)

Online IDs:

XBL: Dahrius

PSN: X_Dahrius_x

Follow me on twitter: @MikeVAPodcast


Joe Annabel

Gamer, Rage Addict, All around nice guy

Single Dad, Strong Independent Woman and Potential Evil Genius

I have been a gamer FOR-EV-ER and a comic enthusiast since the dark days of the late 80’s. I love action figures, toys and all kinds of collectibles. I have no room left, guys! I’m a sucker for nerdy shirts and accessories too, so send me stuff! Also, I generally tend to be a bit out-of-the-loop on stuff, that’s why I sound so dumb!

I’m the least qualified member of this group…for anything.

I enjoy being a gamer and a dad. Passing down the nerd gene is my proudest achievement!

favorite games:

Red Dead Redemption
Chrono Trigger
Left 4 Dead
I pretend to like JRPGs, but secretly LOVE online shooters.

Online IDs:

XBL: Iztojuub

PSN: Iztojuub

Follow me on twitter: @JoesDumbFace

Sean Zeigler

Gamer, Blogger, ONEDERBOY

I’ll be up front with it, I’m a nerd! I’ve been told almost daily by my wife for quite a while. It’s okay…….I know I am.

Gaming has been a major part of my life for quite a while. Can’t really say I have a specific genre of game I prefer. If it has a good story, plays well, I’m in.

Really enjoy reading comics. Ask me what I’m currently reading, or give me suggestions!

I keep these fools in line while trying (and failing) to keep a straight face. I bring the organization and structure to the table.

Being a gamer Dad rocks!

favorite games:

Fallout (Series)
Final Fantasy 7
Gears Of War (Series)
Telltale Games: Back to The Future

Online IDs:

XBL: Oneder

PSN: ApexOneder

Follow me on twitter: @SeanZigs

Justin Henry

Game enthusiast and film aficionado

I’m here as both the token black guy and the hipster presence. Watch out, here comes a bat man!

I tend to look at pictures of juicy meats instead of getting ready to record

I like burgers that dribble

favorite games:


Online IDs:



Follow me on twitter: @jhenry1786

Ben Curtis

Gaming neophyte, jack of all trades

I’ve been getting myself into trouble with all kinds of media for just about as long as I can remember.  I used to play WoW really heavily back before I had kids and a proper family. Now I rarely get to enjoy in such things and am always asking if I get those new cool features on my second-hand PS3

I currently do all of the audio (better), tinker with web things, and make videos with that guy back at the top

It’s fun to show my kids the games I used to play at their age and watch them mock them for being boring

favorite games:

World of Warcraft (ex-player)
Currently I really only dabble with Craft the World on Steam

Online IDs:

XBL: Don’t have that

PSN: Never used it

Follow me on twitter: @iambencurtis