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VAP: Shanktuary! Shanktuary!

This week: The adventurers begin to come to grips with the situation they have both caused and been forced into. New information is brought to light, and potential friendships are made possible. But what is so damn funny, and why are they being laughed at?!

VAP: The Sacred Texts

This week: Our adventurers have really gotten themselves into quite the situation. Let’s if they bungle it up or bring themselves closer to safety. Remember listener, sometimes the choice is yours, so let your voice be heard!

VAP: Behind Closed Doors

The adventures continue while our merry band of misfits continue to blunder and or and/or blast their way through anything and everything in their hunt for a missing loved one.

100 VAP: Triple Digits

This week: The podcast celebrates its One-Hundredth episode! We take a stroll down memory lane and listen to some favorite moments that were submitted by our listeners. We also have a fresh BDSM hot out of the oven, and we end up freewheeling back into a familiar argument.