045 VAP: Best Video Game of All Time – RPG’s and Action/Adventure

This week we go over the little bit of news that we have, and start a new series of a few episodes focused on trying to figure out what we consider to be the best video game of all time. All things are possible when we ignore date of release, method of play, and other things as we begin to make our choices for a final showdown on our 50th episode.

044 VAP: To Infinity War and Beyond!

This week Sean, Mike, Justin, and Ben discuss how much potential the Nintendo Labo system has, a quick discussion on Avengers: Infinity War, and the new Venom trailer along with many other tangents and mini-rants.

043 VAP: Outlandish E3 Predictions

This week Sean, Mike, Justin, and Ben give some thought to the idea of high school esports teams and break down some fairly imaginative mental concoctions involving what we hope will be announced at this years E3.

042 VAP: Who Else Can We Smash Into One Game?

This week Sean, Mike, Justin, and Ben kickoff the episode with some sports talk and then punt it over to some discussion about FarCry 5 and re-releases of some games of yesteryear. Someone throws a hail mary and the shot sinks for a goal as Justin tries to do a genre mashup with all of Nintendo’s characters.

041 VAP: What’s in a Genre?

This week Sean, Mike, Justin, and Ben discuss how silly things are with people not knowing what to be upset about in Far Cry 5 and a few tangents with that. Then we move on to a quick discussion about how the World Health Organization plans on including “Gaming Disorder” in June. The episode rounds out with the first half of a new topic, Genre Blending. Mike starts off with Halo, and Ben attempts to make the world a fitter place with Lara Croft.

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040 VAP: Fab Four(ty)

This week Sean, Mike, Justin, and Ben start with Nintendo Switch talk as well as Zelda Breath of the Wild since Ben has now joined this decade’s technology. Then various games that were played over the week are gone over, mainly focusing on Far Cry 5, which Sean and Mike are both fans of. To round out the episode Justin brings his game reboots, and Mike lifts another as well.

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039 VAP: Where Have All the Justin’s Gone?

This week Sean, Mike, and Ben are without Justin. Things start out with a little sports talk, after which we dive into a cross-play discussion along with some news. Then we go over a few more games that we think deserve a remake and possibly

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038 VAP: Phil for a Day

This week Sean, Justin, and Mike get derailed with their brackets, discuss which Marvel superhero doesn’t deserve to live, and jump inside another human to enable all-play cross-play for games while rebooting some favorite games. Find us at Follow us on Facebook at

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036 VAP: Halo, Triggered Cheetos, and Movies!

This week Sean, Mike, Justin, and Ben discuss the Halo tv series, violence in video games, and find ways to make some of their favorite movies into a game series. Find us at Follow us on Facebook at Follow the show on twitter