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Episode 6: Bachelor Party Headache

This week Sean Mike and Joe have a rough hungover go of things. But they manage to talk about the Horizon Zero Dawn 1.30 update, Sony stealing the Anthem video, The fall of GameStop, and more!

Episode 5: SNES Classic and Summer Sale Madness

This week Sean, Mike and Joe talk about the incoming SNES classic, and what system they would like to see a classic version of. As well as talking themselves out spending all of their money on this week’s sales. Story Time is back! This time

Episode 4: Redux

This week Sean, Mike and Joe go more in depth with some games shown off at this year’s E3. Reminisce about past games. Along with the debut of the “Story Time” series. This week’s story is Joe being a babyback biiiiitch! Also, some mention of

Episode 1: The Dark Ages!

Sean, Joe and Mike talk introductions, our hopes and dreams, Destiny 2, E3 and random WoW tangents! Hope you like tangents and terrible audio quality, because you came to the right place! But, hey, we are just trying to live our dream! Still, pretty terrible!